Sunday, May 20, 2012


Life is full of problems. The cares of life has caused marriages to break up. Precious Saints of God have suffered health issues such as heart attacks and strokes. How do we deal with stress and anxieties that are posing challenges to our lives? First, we need to realize that our problems do have a voice! They are talking to us 24/7, but are we talking back to them? This may sound crazy, but Jesus talked to his problem.
He spoke to the fig tree and his disciples thought he was crazy, but what happened? The very next day, it was dried up from the roots! WORDS have power. Jesus used a powerful principle. He took a small thing, the tongue and spoke death to the problem. Life and death is in the power of the tongue! Saints, it is time to start using the tongue to address your circumstances! Don't speak death to your finances, speak LIFE to it and DEATH to lack.
We need to address the problems in life in a prompt manner and attack it from the roots. It is interesting that in Mark 11, when his disciples saw the results of Jesus's words in the fig tree, He mentions a mountain. We need to address the "Fig trees" in our lives, so that we can graduate to the "Mountains" of life and face bigger challenges. Facing bigger problems than you ever had? Rejoice, you have graduated and there is a bigger victory. Your test will become a testimony! Your misery will become your ministry.
The word of God is powerful, my friends. Learn to fight and win in the battles of life and use the WORD as a weapon. Talk back to your problems and see God work in your life. You have a miracle in your mouth. God bless!

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