Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kings and Priests!

                                       Are you exercising your rights as a King and Priest? As I studied Revelation 1, I noticed on verse 6, it is listed as past tense. Then in verse 5, it listed what Jesus did for us at the cross! That is good news. This, alone,  should make us shout!  Why?  Because it provides for the answer to all our problems in one verse alone!
         A King needs to exercise his authority. A lazy King will wind up losing his kingdom. To be a King and dominate our circumstances, we need to learn how to rule from within. III John 2 says that we will prosper as our souls prosper. Friends, there is a difference between soul and spirit. (Hebrews 4:12) The soul is where the imagination lies, which is your mind, desires,will and emotions. That is why the Bible puts special emphasis on the mind. It is where the real battle takes place. 
                If you get addicted to the word of God and start to meditate on who you are in Christ, living the Christian life won't be a hassle. Once your thoughts line up with the word, Victory is yours and the flesh will be put under. Let's define Priest. A high priest would be one to stand in the gap and pray for the nation. This was done in the Old Testament.
                     When we step up to our priestly duties, we will see more results in praying for others. It won't matter if a Democrat or a Republican is in power, because when we pray for our government, God promises to deal with them in our favor. (I Tim 2:1-3) This principle was demonstrated in the book of Esther. An evil government official had tricked the king to do great harm to the Jews. Esther and the Jews went on a prolonged prayer and fasting. This helped set the turnaround for the Jews deliverance and rescue.
                     A priest, also, prays for his family. Psalms 2 says that our inheritance is the nations. We can pray for souls and see them saved. Yes, I realize that not everyone will be saved, but if we pray in faith, we can see revival in nations!  So, step up to the challenge and start being a King and Priest in these last days. 

Scripture reading: Esther 4
Prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your word. Today, I will walk as a King (Queen) and Priest. I will rule over my mind and my flesh. I will rule over circumstances and problems. I will, also, pray for America and its government. I stand in the gap for President Obama and America. Stir up the churches. Bring a spirit of repentance and cause fires of revival to shake us. Bring us back to the great commission and give us a love for souls. In Jesus wonderful name. AMEN! "

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