Sunday, May 20, 2012

Use your angels! Part II


                      USE YOUR ANGELS!

                   In this day, we will continue with our study of the role of angels. In paintings, we have seen angels as feminine or chubby little babies with wings. Nothing could be further from the truth. Heb 1:7 declares that they are ministering spirits and flames of fire. If you were into Superheroes and comics like I was,  then you can, probably remember the FANTASTIC FOUR! 

                     Four Superheroes and the unique thing was that one of them was a woman. Quite radical for the '60's ! All were endued with special powers. One of them was called the HUMAN TORCH! He would turn his body into fire as he yelled-FLAME ON! 

Tragically, he died, not long ago,  in the comic book world industry. Comics books, until recently, would have a happy ending. Everyone would be smiling and be happy forever and ever. If you were to see an Angel, your hair would stand on its own. They are impressive and manifest themselves as fire from time to time. The word says that they are ministering angels to help us.(Heb 1:14)

 They are there to protect us as they hearken to God's word.(Psalms 103:20) That is why it is important to guard your tongue and speak only God's word to your situation. When we sin or speak words of doubt, our Angels do not have a responsibility to help us. The ministry of Angels in this day and age is so important. Let us use our Angels to help us in time of need. Let us be filled with the fire of God and stop living a lukewarm life. Stir yourself with the fire of God and say FLAME ON! Revival is here to stay! God bless! 

Scripture reading-Hebrews 1

Prayer-"Thank you for speaking to me, Dear Lord! Help me to use my angels. Help me to speak only your word to my situation. Help me to find areas in which I might have been lukewarm. Revive me, Lord, with your Spirit. Stir up the fires of revival in my life so I can tell others about you. In Jesus Name. AMEN! "

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