Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why doesn't God answer my prayers?

The eternal Question!

As a CBN counselor for the 700 club, I receive many requests. From praying for dogs and cats to more serious issues. Sometimes, I have to smile and enjoy a good laugh at some of the prayer requests, such as when I received a request to pray for finding a lost item. Other times, I feel sad and burdened when I hear people say-Why doesn't God answer me?
As a prayer counselor, I like my job,but the downside is that I am limited to counseling people. Usually I would tell them to seek advice from a Pastor or look to and send feedback. Such as the one from a frustrated caller who was beliving God for a wife. THE WHY's and HOW COME! As I tried to provide a gentle way for encouragement, I hear in a loud voice-"GOD, HOW COME I DON'T HAVE A WIFE! GIMME A WIFE, GOD! It seems that they think that they are talking to God in the other line.
I feel like answering them in a "Deep God-like voice"- With an attitude like that, you are not going anywhere! Some dear lady told me that she had waited 40 years for a husband and was mad at God. I tried to encourage her and tell her that she can still get her prayers answered, but she said that it was too late and that she wanted it in her youth. She thought no man wanted her. MMMM? Maybe if I got this Brother and Sister together? (Smile)
While I cannot provide answers to them, I can invite some thought provoking comments. First, the Bible says that we inherit God's promises thru Faith and Patience! (Heb 6:12) I, personally, got healed from asthma after having it for 20 years. It got so bad that I got hospitalized 2 times and almost died from it. Now, after having received healing, I look back and have learned some things.
First, that the problem is not with God. If you have a promise from God in the Bible, it is for you because God's promises are yea and amen.(I Cor 1:20) I, personally, believe that Healing is God's will, but there are conditions that must be met. In fact, God wants you to have healing so bad that he hastens to perfom his word. (Jer 1:12) The problem is not God, it is US! We are not making the proper connection. The word says that Wisdom is the principal thing.(Prov 4:7)
Upon analyzing my situation on healing, the problem was not God, it was me. I needed to renew my mind and was not spending time in prayer. We, all get, sidetracked once in a while, but we cannot blame God when answers don't come. In this day, let's ask ourselves-"ARE WE MAKING THE RIGHT CONNECTION?"

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